Way Forward Magadi Circuit

Veer Samadhi

The tomb has a pedestal of About 1.6-2 ft high, with granite columns at the four corners and a ruined gopura

Saavanadurga Fort And Temple

High – The fort on the hill was one of the bastions of Kempegowda,for several battles he fought.The temple at The foothills was visited by Kempegowda.

Kempasagara Lake

The lake has embankment on the southern side and still intact. Public and vehicle movement happens on this embankment. There are two number of Tubu (Sluice) on this embanked wall which are still in use.

Hutridurga Fort And Temple

The temple originally built in granite stone is painted in white. The temple has a garbhagriha & mantapa facing opposite to each other. Naga statue in stone is located close to the temple which is secured with grills.

Someshwara Temple and Kalyani

A temple complex with one main Shrine, with couple of smaller ones and a few with pillared Halls which was used by Kempegowda as a court and Gathering hall (Kempegowda Hajara )and there is a well in the Northern corner Which has water.There is a granite column which gives ringing sound when you hit with a coin.The whole temple complex was in complete ruin till partially restored recently.

Magadi Fort

The entrance of the fort is ruined. Its being rebuilt using the same old grey granite blocks under Archaeological Department of Mysore.

Tirumale Ranganath Swamy Temple, Magadi

The entrance and the rear plaza has gopura in Dravidian style. The temple is constructed in the locally available granite stone. The pillared hall in front of the Garbhagriha has roof of granite slabs spanning almost 12’. Lotus shaped ceiling in the Granite can be found in front of the Garbhagriha